SHOT Show 2015 Wrap Up!

As we wrap up the SHOT Show 2015, Keith and John would like to extend their thanks to the many companies, individuals, colleagues and the Show’s host, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, that welcomed them at this premiere event that can only be described as epic or awesome!

Some of companies that they have not previously mentioned include:
Survivor Firestarters, a small company that makes several innovative and useful firestarters.
Zippo, a legend for their lighters, but also offers a line of outdoor tools that includes the Zippo 4 in 1 Axe and are now affiliated with W.R. Case knives.
Chiappa Firearms who now has a folding shotgun and a sub-caliber device.
Breakthrough Advanced Firearm Cleaning Technology a relatively new lubricant company that features non-toxic 100% synthetic gun oil.
Swab-its by Superbrush who introduced their Bore-Whips, which can best be described as a pull-through cleaner, with a non-lint, washable, reusable cleaning tip which can serve as both an open bolt indicator and cleaning whip. They are also working with Daisy to make a product that will work with their merchandise.

John Bowe, National 4-H Shooting Sports Booth

John Bowe, National 4-H Shooting Sports Booth

One of the show sponsors,, was a very happening place where John also had the opportunity to thank them for donating to the International Hunter Education Association’s Champion of Hunter Education program of which John was one of those selected nationally to receive a Ruger American. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Zack Snow discussed how important 4-H Shooting Sports is in the recruitment, training, and retention of youth leaders both throughout the country and in New York. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation also shared those same thoughts when Keith and John spoke with their representatives.

The SHOT Show is not just about firearms though – Crossbows were also in abundance. Barnett Crossbows have three new youth models, which are pictured here on the blog. They are available in 30, 60, and 100 lb. draw weights and come with a molded carrying case and you only need to remove a single bolt to break them down to a more manageable size.

Jesse McCarthy with the Barnett Recruit 60

Jesse McCarthy with the Barnett Recruit 60

Finally, a plug for the Transportation Security Administration in Las Vegas. When John went through, they made sure everyone who had attended the SHOT Show remembered to take anything out of their carry on and put into their check bags BEFORE we went into the final security line where we would have lost pocket knives, multi-tools, and other metal objects that may have failed screening. They were professional, courteous, and fun as they did so – it was a great job on their part!

Some Sights from the Las Vegas Strip



Many thanks from all of us at NYS4-HSS to Keith and John!

NYS4-HSS at Day #3 of the SHOT Show!

Day #3 of the SHOT Show brought an active, but smaller, crowd to the show where Keith and John were able to speak with more company representatives.

Visits with regular contributors to NYS4-HSS included:
Camp Chef who has a new Backpacking Stove,
Midland Radio who recently introduced an Emergency Weather Radio with flashlight and the unique feature of a dog whistle to signal search dogs,
Smith’s Consumer Products who have a full line of knife and tool sharpeners,
Buck Knives who have a great new Fishing Shears that have specialized cutting edges for woven line, and,
Stone River Knives who have a great selection of steel and ceramic knifes.

Ryan Neeley of Campchef with the new Styker Stove

Ryan Neeley of Camp Chef with the new Styker Stove

On the new side, our Reps connected with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, Sheep Dog, and Eurotarget. At the Eurotarget booth they met another New Yorker, Olympic hopeful Ann Jardin of Mexico, NY. Down the hall from the National Shooting Sports booth they also met Olympic Gold Medalist, Kim Rhode.

Keith and John also attended the Ladies Choice 2015 Guns & Gear Awards where a variety of shooting sports companies received awards for their development of products that cater to both the needs and interest of the growing number of female shooters.

Visit us tomorrow for Keith and John’s wrap up of the 2015 SHOT Show event!

NYS4-HSS at Day #2 of the 2015 SHOT Show!

Day #2 of the SHOT Show was more of a challenge, as shuttles ran late and many company representatives were busy in meetings with their largest clients. However, Keith and John were able to visit the booths of Mayville Engineering Company (MEC), Hornady, Hodgdon Powder, Brownells, Otis Technology and American Tactical, among many others.

You never know who you might see in the booths and halls of the SHOT Show! On Day #2 it was national personalities Michael Waddell, Jim Shockey, and Pro Shooters for Team Smith & Wesson, Julie Golob and Trevor Baucom. Trevor spent nearly half an hour speaking with John about teaching Shooting Sports to youth with disabilities. Our Reps also met up with Bob Jenks who was attending on behalf of the military, but is also a 4-H volunteer in Dutchess County, NY.

On the new connection side, Keith met with Camillus Cutlery, Ontario Knife Company, Queen Cutlery and Troy Industries. Meanwhile John reconnected with Joe Sementelli of Adventure Medical, where discussions included the development of standardized First Aid Kits for Shooting Sports programs.

New York contacts were also on the day’s agenda, Keith reports that Remington is interested in working with NYS4-HSS on youth models and that talks with AmChar Wholesale were also very positive.

In association with Keith’s role at campus working with returning military service men and women, he connected with a group called Freedom Hunters. A custom piece made from 7.62 shells has been acquired from Freedom Hunters for our upcoming 2015 NYS4-HSS Banquet & Auction at Fort William Henry in Lake George, NY where you will see this amazing piece and hear the story that it tells about our American military families.

Freedom Hunters is also creating a very nice guitar, autographed by Rock & Roll legend Ted Nugent, to raise funds for our servicemen in need of support. Nugent was on hand at the SHOT Show interacting with these wonderful folks who work with wounded combat Veterans. Be sure to check out the Freedom Hunters website.

Overall, it was a great day!

Some Photo Highlights from the 2015 SHOT Show

Dave Baron  (C) and the Baron Technology Family - Outstanding Supporters of NYS 4-H Shooting Sports

Dave Baron (C) and the Baron Technology Family – Outstanding Supporters of NYS 4-H Shooting Sports

A glimpse into the SHOT Show Store

A glimpse into the SHOT Show Store

New York State 4-H Shooting Sports at the 2015 SHOT Show

The SHOT Show kicked off in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 20th with two different faces representing New York State 4-H Shooting Sports for 2015. Dr. Keith Tidball of Cornell University’s Department of Natural Resources is attending the event for the first time and describes the show as “Keith’s Heaven.” Joining Keith is NYS4-HSS Assistant Director, John Bowe, who started opening day as the newest member of the National 4-H Shooting Sports Committee as Northeast Representative and then quickly on to his duties representing New York State at the Show.

The first day of the SHOT Show was a great success for NYS4-HSS with Keith and John spending quality time speaking with many long-term partners including Ryan Bronson from Federal Ammunition and Cathy Hale from Savage Arms – both companies are under the parent company ATK.

(L to R) John Bowe with Cathy Hale, Savage Arms and Ryan Bronson , Federal Ammunition

(L to R) Keith Tidball, John Bowe, Cathy Hale, Savage Arms and Ryan Bronson, Federal Ammunition

Wally Gardiner, President, Canal Street Cutlery, was proudly wearing his NYS 4-H Shooting Sports pin at his booth and showed Keith and John an exceptional new fixed blade knife they are just releasing.

Wally Garder, Canal Street Cutlery (L) with Keith Tidball (R)

Wally Garder, Canal Street Cutlery (L) with Keith Tidball (R)

John and Sherry Anthon welcomed our Reps at the GATCO/Timberline booth and shared the exciting news that they now have a Gas Monkey Garage line of knives and a new multi-task sharpener/fire starter. Our Reps also met up with Crosman Corporation’s Shooting Services Manager, Mark DeBoard, who showed them the highly impressive new Bulldog .357 pneumatic high-caliber air gun, powerful enough to take both white-tail deer and feral hogs.

John Bowe (L) holding the Bulldog .357 Airgun with Mark DeBoard (R) at Crosman

John Bowe (L) holding the Bulldog .357 Airgun with Mark DeBoard (R) at Crosman

Over at the North American Arms booth, President, Sandy Chisholm was both eager and very pleased to hear what 4-H is doing to educate youth about firearms safety. At the Baron Technology booth, the Baron family and staff spoke with Keith and John about their dedicated support to the NYS 4-H Shooting Sports Program. For 2015, Baron Technology will once again be custom engraving a special Limited Edition Firearm especially for NYS4-HSS.

The folks at Columbia River Knife & Tool showed several great new knife offerings and our Reps also enjoyed meeting with knife designer Pat Crawford from Crawford Knives. In another meeting at the J.P. Sauer & Sohn booth, Keith and John discussed potential options the company may be able to offer the NYS4-HSS program.

Keith and John also connected with our colleagues from the National 4-H Shooting Sports program, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the National Muzzeloading Rifle Association, Project Childsafe, and the International Hunter Education Association.

After a long and busy day covering over 6 miles of the SHOT Show floor, and as part of their cultural education, Keith and John partook of traditional Japanese cuisine for dinner – Sashimi and Nagari. It was John’s first experience with Japanese cuisine and he said it was … Delicious!

Shibuya Chef Harvo - preparing Salmon Sashimi

Shibuya Chef Harvo – preparing Salmon Sashimi