About 4-H Shooting Sports Program

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We Believe Human Growth and development is the primary goal of the 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Introducing safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment opens valuable vocational and life-long recreational education.

The 4-H Natural Resources Program Features
The Shooting Sports Program
for Youth Ages 12 – 19

Shooting Sports is for young people who are interested in shooting and the conservation of natural resources. Most groups plan outdoor oriented community service projects, promote habitat improvement and develop a better understanding of the natural environment.

Shooting Sports and 4-H

The most successful youth programs are ones that are directed at the local level by volunteers. 4-H brings people together and promotes a spirit of cooperation.
The Shooting Sports project fosters responsibility and helps youth acquire knowledge, skills, abilities and to develop social skills, leadership techniques, and gives opportunities for community service.
Anyone can be a successful shooter! There are no limitations imposed by age, sex, or physical abilities. And, shooting activities can last a lifetime.

4-H Shooting Sports
Safety, Knowledge, Understanding, & Skills

Certified volunteer instructors supervise each 4-H Shooting Sports Program.  Many hold dual certification through the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the NRA, or the National Muzzleloaders Association.

Safety is always a primary concern.  Youth and adults are trained to know and adhere to the Ten Commandments of firearm safety.

Knowledge about firearms and the natural environment is featured as volunteers share years of experience.

Skills are developed under the watchful eyes of the instructors.  For some youth, these are new.  Others improve and practice their techniques.

Understanding  is the most important component of the 4-H Shooting Sports Project.  It is developed as youth and adults become aware of their rights, responsibilities, and their role in the natural environment

What’s 4-H All About?

4-H is the largest informal youth education program in the U.S.  The clover, the 4-H symbol, stands for
Head, Heart, Hands, and Health
and is the basis for the 4-H Pledge:
I Pledge
My Head to clearer thinking
My Heart to greater loyalty
My Hands to larger service and
My Health to better living
for my Club, my Community, my Country, and my World.

4-H members learn by doing.  Through volunteer leaders, young people learn life skills, develop citizenship and leadership abilities and explore careers.  The 4-H motto:  “To Make the Best Better” means that each person can always improve.

Volunteers are carefully selected, trained in specific subjects, and each develops skills for working with youth.

The 4-H Shooting Sports project is open to all youth wherever they live and without regard to personal limitations.

Please visit our complete Program Features page at our web site.

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