Day 4 of the SHOT Show

Day 4 – The Final Day of SHOT Show …

The day started off with a visit to Tri-Star Arms to look at shotguns. The Viper G2 (gas operated) Two Stock Synthetic Como Youth Model, is a 20 gauge that includes both a regular stock, a compact stock, and an extendable 24” barrel. The extension makes it a 27” barrel. We also looked at the Viper G2 SR Sport in 20GA. This gun is a striking two-tone firearm. The black synthetic stock is accented by an anodized red receiver and magazine cap.

Over at Umarex we looked at several new products, the new Ruger 10/22 Air Rifle and the Umarex Hammer. The 10/22 is very, very similar to the 10/22 in appearance. The rifle uses two 12gm CO2 cartridges mounted in the buttstock. The CO2 propels .177 pellets from a 10-shot magazine up to 650 fps. The reason the rifle was developed, well it’s rimfire counterpart sells 600,000 units a year, so it is very popular. Why wouldn’t you? The Hammer, on the other hand, uses compressed air to deliver a .50 pellet weighing 550 grains at up to 790 fps. A 180 grain pellet travels at over 1000fps. Umarex terms this new airgun as “Power without Powder.”

We stopped at Elite First Aid where we purchased our first aid kits last year. The new product they have this year is the Patrol Trauma Kit Level I. The kit contains a cat tourniquet, emergency trauma wound dressing, EMT shears, conforming gauze 4” x 4’, 3” cohesive bandage, combat gauze with Quikclot, and a pair of Nitrile gloves. The kit is housed in a one motion, rip-to-open pouch that folds open to the user has access to everything inside the kit. The exterior of the pouch has Molle straps for adding an additional tourniquet if so desired.

Elite First Aid’s Trauma Kit Level I. Note how the kit unfolds flat so you have access to all of the supplies.

Down the aisle from Elite First Aid was ESEE Knives . This company specializes in wilderness knives and kits for the parent group, Randall Adventure’s, who teaches wilderness existence skills in tropical climates like the Amazon. We looked at several knives they have developed, including a camp cleaver called the Expat Cleaver. The weight is heavy enough to baton wood and chop through bones, while also being able to chop vegetables and meat. The side of the tall blade can be used to scoop the chopped materials. The blade is made of 1095 carbon steel.

ESEE’s Expat Cleaver – made of 1095 steel with tumble finish.

At Rivers Edge Products, we looked at a variety of hunting or camping themed items that will appeal to the hunter and non-hunter alike. The company offers cutting boards, historical sign replicas, mugs, puzzles, and playing cards. The designs on each of the products varies from songbirds, big game scenes, fish, and patriotic genres. The salesman informed me that the hottest product they had during the show was fish sandals. Yup, you heard that right. The sandals are shapped like red snappers or big mouth bass, with your toes slipping under the gill plate and sticking out the mouth. They had around 400 inquiries about the sandals.

At Baron Technology, Inc. (Baron Engraving), we spoke with Dave Baron, company CEO and owner, and Dave Miles, company President. Dave Miles is a graduate of Cornell University. Visiting Barron was Cyndi Flannigan, the Executive Director of the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance.

John Bowe
Assistant Director
New York State 4-H Shooting Sports

More from the 2019 SHOT Show

New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Director, Bill Schwerd (L) and New York State 4-H Shooting Sports Education Specialist, Kenyon Simpson (R) meet with John Anthony of ETE and Al Mar Knives

Preston Powell of Yukon Outfitters with a tumbler and soft-sided cooler that will be offered at the Winter Instructor Training in February

The portable, programmable Air Rifle Range from Air Venturi. The app will be iOS and Android compatible.

Director Bill Schwerd with a Mauser M18 Bolt-Action Rifle at the Mauser Booth

Wyoming County 4-H Shooting Sports Team Competes in Camp Perry Open

On January 18th through the 20th the Wyoming County 4-H Shooting Sports team which is also affiliated with the Warsaw American Legion and the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association traveled to Camp Perry in Ohio to compete in the Camp Perry Open.

Competitors were from Connecticut to Montana and as far south as West Virginia. Day one of the competition was in three-position Air Rifle. Hannah Spicer, age 15, of Pavilion broke her personal best and placed 18th, Hannah Siewert, age 15, from Perry also broke her personal best and placed 23rd, and Abbey Paddock, age 12, of Perry also beat her personal best and placed 66th. Rachael Paddock, age 14, from Perry placed 5th which qualified her for the finals match where she was able to move up to second place capturing the Silver Medal.

Rachael Paddock (L) from Wyoming County, NY, wins the Silver Medal in the finals match at the Camp Perry Open

The Wyoming County 4-H Shooting Sports team at the Camp Perry Open in Ohio

For more information on 4-H Shooting Sports or other programs offered by Wyoming County 4-H, please contact the office at 585-786-2251.

Holly M. Harwood
Extension Educator
4-H Youth Development