2019 SHOT Show – Day 2

The second day of SHOT Show offered something new – Pop-Up Preview. The Pop-Up Preview is a one-day only set of booths that brought nearly 200 new companies to the SHOT Show for the first time. The products ranged from first aid supplies, flexible solar panels, clothing, boots, and food freeze dryer. There was also Bison wool products ranging from boot inserts to hats. Here are some of the companies we spoke with:

Nex-xos has developed a line of self-heating, home style meals in eleven flavors, with 6 more flavors being developed. Ivis Rubero, of Nex-Xos encouraged us to try a sample of the product of the Omeals which uses 3-5 ounces of any fluid to cook the meals in 3-5 minutes. The sample was Lentils with Beef and it was excellent quality. The full line comes in waterproof, light, and packable packaging for backpacking.

Omeals menu options from Nex-Xos.

AMP-3 LLC sells a series of first aid kits, bags, and amateur radio products. Their first aid kits run from basic to Outfitter Clinic-in-a-roll. The Outfitter includes a compartment for the following: Trauma, Musculoskeletal, Dressings, Bandages, Medical Tools, Admin, Irrigation, Misc. Wound, Dental Kit, Blister Kit, SAM Splint, Eye Wash, Medication Module 1 & 2, Tape & Wrap, and Personal Protection. Owners Dave and Beth hand pack each order, rather that purchasing pre-packed kits to assure that each kit is assembled correctly.

• Over at BioLite, we spoke with Johnathon Kosakow, North American Sales Manager. BioLite produces a variety of sustainable energy products from camp stoves, solar LED lights, a solar lighting system, and as of last year, a smokeless fire pit. The fire pit burns either wood or charcoal and uses patented airflow technology to heat and burn the materials in the smoke before it is able to leave the pit. BioLite also has a division that works to bring clean burning stoves to Sub-Saharan Africa, where the inhalation of regular wood smoke within the kitchen area has left many children and adults with permanent breathing illnesses. We are going to connect the NYS 4-H Renewable Energy Specialist, Charles Malone with Johnathon.

Flexible and roll-up solar panels on display from SunSoaker

• At Harvestright they were showing off their home freeze dryer model. The home model is the smallest of one of three models, about the size of an apartment washing machine, that the company offers at this time. Long-term storage is one of the benefits of freeze drying – as much as 25 years. According to the company’s flyer, traditional dehydration and canning require high temperatures that the company claims degrades flavor, texture and nutritional content. We sampled some of their freeze dried red raspberries and they were delicious!

• At Tren LLC, we were introduced to NAQWA SWR-Spring, a portable drinking water resource by Vernon Hatch, President of Tren. The NAQWA is a filter that is not based on ceramics or charcoal but instead uses molecular cleaning, accomplished through track membrane technology. The track member consists of a polymer film with 10 microns deep. Each square centimeter of membrane contains hundreds of millions of pores of 0.2-0.4 microns in diameter. This membrane combines two forms of water recovery: (1) purification of bacteria and other contaminants, and (2) physical and informational water restructuring. The whole unit weighs 3 ounces.

Frostime claims their product, the Blizbox, is a revolution in portable cooling. The Blizbox uses carbon dioxide in canisters mounted as part of a patented cooling device to control, monitor, and maintain refrigeration temperatures for up to 24 hours. If more time is needed, the CO2 canisters can be replaced. The group works with research & development at North Dakota State University.

The BlizBox CO2 cooling unit from Frostime. The tanks are refillable.

The main meeting for the day was with Charles Daly salesman, George Woford. Charles Daly is distributed through Chiappa, whose US location in Dayton, OH. Charles Daly is once again offering the Model 600 Semi-Auto in 12 and 20 gauge, they even have a left-handed compact model in 20. We also looked at the Model 601 Semi-Auto which has an extremely affordable retail price. The Model 301 Pump-Action currently is available only in right-handed 12 gauges.

North American Arms owner, Sandy Chisholm, continues to be a strong supporter of the NYS 4-H Shooting Sports program and works with Dave Baron owner of Baron Technology, Inc. (Baron Engraving) to make sure that one of their small-revolvers is included in our recent Annual Banquet & Auction events. Often times, the firearm is custom engraved by the artisans at Baron.

The day also held some interesting seminars on hunter and shooting sports recruitment. Data from the US Fish & Wildlife Service shows that hunter numbers continue to decline faster than new hunters are recruited. This has spawned the R3 initiative to Recruit, Retain, and Retrain hunters, fisherpersons, and shooting sports participants. Recruitment of youth who are interested continues to the primary effort, but has now expanded to non-traditional populations. Adults who are interested in learning to hunt or shoot but have no one to take them have become a focus audience.

One of the speakers from Quality Deer Management Association (www.qdma.com), Hank Forester, spoke about the Field to Fork program. This program was introduced to New York this year and recruits interested adults through farmers markets where many adults are looking for a more natural alternative to supermarket meat counters. The program has several years of success in Georgia plus seven participants who harvested deer in New York in 2018 and has now been expanded to offering these hunting opportunities to non-hunting employees at companies like Ruger and Sig Sauer.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has introduced 2019 as +One: Grow the Sport. A challenge to all hunters and shooting enthusiasts to take someone new afield.

+One Challenge Coins introduced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation

John Bowe
Assistant Director
New York State 4-H Shooting Sports