New York State 4-H Shooting Sports at the 2019 SHOT Show – Las Vegas, NV

New York State 4-H Shooting Sports at the 2019 SHOT Show – Las Vegas, NV

SHOT Show 2019 – Day 1

The usual Blog entries for SHOT Show begin with Media Range day on Monday, however, the snowstorm altered New York State 4-H Shooting Sports travel plans and the travel plans of many others coming to the SHOT Show.

Tuesday started off as usual, though, with thousands of exhibitors and attendees making their way through the expansive show floor. The first stop was a chance meeting at Doom & Bloom LLC, with owners, Dr. Joe Alton and Amy Alton, ARNP. This family owned company creates specialized trauma kits and offers advanced first aid training. By chance, they are looking for a place in the Albany, NY/Capital District area to host one of their first aid trainings and we might be able to help with that. At the next company, we spoke to Krystal Giltner with Blitz. Blitz has been making metal cleaning/treatment products since 1912. They offer a full line of gun, reel, optic, and even bow clothes. All of their products are available with your logo on the packaging in lots as small as 100.

From Blitz Firearm Care a Gun/Reel cloth set up for custom labeling.

A couple of rows over from Blitz we spoke with Chris Jensen, Sales & Marketing, of Exotac. If you are not familiar with Exotac, they make machined firestarters. One of their newest products is called the nanoSPARK which has a flint wheel mounted with o-ring sealed threads to a knurled dry tinder storage compartment and an MSRP of $23.95.

The nanoSPARK from Exotac, is a miniature flint wheel mounted on a waterproof tinder container smaller than a standard lighter.

The biggest meeting of the day was with Ken Bathurst, Sales Manager of Industrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution owns and distributes a number of brand names. They are the exclusive United States and Canadian distributor for Morakniv of Sweden. We even met several of the employees from the Morakniv plant in Mora, Sweden. The staff at Industrial Revolution and Morakniv were very excited to hear that NYS 4-H is working on Knife & Ax Safety Guidelines for camps and general 4-H programs. One of their newest products is the Model 511. Perfectly sized to fit a smaller hand, Model 546 has a substantial blade guard and a retail price with either carbon or stainless steel for $12 or less. A great knife for beginners. They also have the Rookie Safe Knife, which has a safe, rounded blade and blade guard designed for those new to woodcarving or whittling with a retail price of $19.99. Their UCO line now has a matched two-piece spork set, where the molded nylon knife and spoon nests and snaps into the fork – so you can hold the food you are trying to cut with the fork while using the knife.

From Indistrial Revolution: One-Piece UCO Spork and Morakniv Basic 511

Following up on a contact we made last year, we stopped by Duluth Pack who makes high-quality canvas, waxed canvas, and leather backpacks, sling bags, shoulder bags and a variety of other totes. These are American made products from a company that was founded in 1882. Their backpacks are extremely popular in some of the bushcrafting circles. They can customize as few or as many products as you need after a reasonable start-up fee.

Two interesting companies that we came across as we walked the aisles include: Yukon Outfitters and American Mountain Supply LLC. Yukon Outfitters Company President, Preston Powell, showed us a variety of camping/travel related products that the company offers out of their Tennessee location. These include tumblers, coolers, blankets, and hammocks – many of which can be customized with your logo for summer camps, hunting lodges, or clubs. At American Mountain Supply, they offer a full range of soft-sided rifle and pistol cases, range bags, holsters, and weighted soft- shooting rests. They also offer embroidery, silk screening, and the newest offering “heat printing.”

On the range safety front, we came across MIB2S or Modular Interlocking Ballistic Barrier System – a product of KF Armory Defense. Tony Dill, Colonel USA (Retired), Senior VP of Business Development & Government Solutions, explained that these modular blocks come in three ballistic options (IIIA, IV, and IV+) dependent on the consumer’s needs. The blocks can be used for backstops, range walls, and even for training houses for police and military. The blocks absorb and capture lead and other projectile materials. Unlike a concrete wall, these blocks can be dis-assembled and moved if the consumer so chooses. They come in corner and wall blocks so side walls can be anchored to a back wall.

Looking forward to tomorrow when we meet with Charles Daly and Adventure Medical. Bill and Kenyon will also be in after their travel snow delay.

John Bowe
Assistant Director
New York State 4-H Shooting Sports